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Complete this brief online tool for families to assess the well-child care you and your child received and learn about ways to partner with your child’s provider to improve care.

Please take about 15 minutes to complete the Online Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS) and get a feedback report. You can download and save your feedback report to use for your child's next well-visit.

The Online PHDS gives you an opportunity to assess the care you and your child (age 3 months to 6 years) received while also providing anonymous feedback to your child’s health care providers about your experience and quality of care.  

As a parent, you can complete the Online PHDS to learn about what care to expect for your child from his/her provider and to receive a personalized feedback report based on your responses. This report will guide you in partnering with your child’s health care provider to improve your child’s health care.

Providers can review summary reports based on multiple parents’ responses. The reports can help the provider understand the quality of care they provide and identify areas that need improvement.

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Your health care provider does not get access to your individual responses to the Online PHDS. Your answers to this tool will be combined with other parents’ responses to help your provider to improve the quality of care they provide.